Reba Benschoter Interviews and Transcripts - Reba Benschoter Audio Transcript

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Transcript of the audio interview with Reba Benschoter., Keywords: Wittson, Cecil; Johnson, Van; Nebraska Psychiatric Institute; Department of Psychiatry; Biomedical Communications Division; learning resource and center; College of Nursing; Swanson Hall; School of Allied Health; Rural Health Opportunities Program; Interdisciplinary Training for Heathcare in Rural Areas; Rural Health Distance Learning Research Center; television; National Institute of Mental Health; Northwestern Bell
Telephone Company; Norfolk State Hospital; distance education; Nebraska Educational TV; National Medical Audio-Visual Center; NEB*SAT
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Abstract/Description: Transcript of the audio interview with Reba Benschoter.
Subject(s): Biomedical Communications Division
Department of Psychiatry
Nebraska Psychiatric Institute
Benschoter, Reba