Jeffrey Baldwin Interview and Transcript

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Dr. Jeffrey Baldwin graduated from the University Of Kentucky College Of Pharmacy, and has been at UNMC since 1973 working as a professor in pharmacy practice and pediatrics. Dr. Baldwin’s research has been primarily in the area of substance abuse attitudes and behaviors in the health profession. Additional scholarly activities have included promotion of active learning in pharmacy education, development of standards for SUD assistance for pharmacy colleges and professionals, development of guidelines for pediatric and substance use disorder education in pharmacy, and promotion of professional and public education about SUDssd. On January 1st, 2019, Baldwin retired after serving with UNMC faculty for nearly 46 years.

Baldwin begins his interview describing his background, early life, and how an interest in chemistry led to a career in pharmacy. He talks about the influence of clinical pharmacy and the new degree of doctorate in pharmacy on his career. He describes how the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree was different. He describes the transition of the pharmacy program from Omaha to Lincoln (1972-1976), funding, Regents’ approval, overview of the team and new campus facilities. Baldwin details the evolution of pharmacy education. Baldwin discusses courses he developed related to substance use disorders that were inspired by his time at the University of Utah School on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependencies, his personal struggle with alcoholism and societal change toward substance abuse. He gives an overview of the deans of the College of Pharmacy and the attempt to close the College in 1986. Baldwin describes his own experiences with alcoholism and recovery. He talks about the evolution of pharmacists in history. He details is participation in several professional organizations including his time as the President of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and chair of their Substance Abuse Special Interest Group. He describes helping to establish and participate in Camp CoHoLo, a camp for medically fragile children. He also details his experiences with the Boy Scouts including the 2008 tornado at Little Sioux, Iowa. Baldwin concludes his interview talking about what recognition, both from campus and the community, mean to him, his post-retirement plans and the future of pharmacists with substance use disorders.

Subject(s): College of Pharmacy
Baldwin, Jeffrey

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