Omaha 1868 14th and Douglas

Abstract/Description: 1967-02-09 - "Douglas westward from 14th Street. Little building (right) behind trees has been succeeded by Omaha Theatre. Corner house beyond it sits where Woolworths now rised [sic]. On 16th, church (left) has been supplanted by Baker Shoe Store, across alley from the Brandeis store. Across 16th from the church, the large building partially seen at right was occupied by both city and county offices. Other tall structure to left of church was a home. It gave way to New York Life Building in 1888 which still stands, occupied by Omaha Hat. Bank. Picture taken 1868, territory capitol on hill. Nebraska had become state the year before and Lincoln wrested capital status from Omaha. $100,000 Territorial Building was torn down and Central High School eventually grew on its site." CREDIT Union Pacific Museum Collection

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